[WINTER GOLI] K-501 White

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Size: 7M-Standard

  • 7M-Standard
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Width: 35 inches

  • 35 inches
PKR 2,590.00
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Winter Goli Khaddar is a luxurious and versatile fabric that has become synonymous with the cozy charm of the winter season. This fabric is celebrated for its exceptional warmth, timeless appeal, and its ability to seamlessly blend comfort with fashion. Let's delve into the captivating qualities and characteristics that make Winter Goli Khaddar an essential addition to your winter wardrobe.

Material Composition: Winter Goli Khaddar is primarily crafted from natural fibers, most notably wool and cotton. This blend results in a fabric that is soft to the touch, breathable, and incredibly warm. The combination of these fibers creates a textile that is perfect for keeping you snug during the chilly winter months.

Texture and Feel: What sets Winter Goli Khaddar apart is its unique texture and feel. It boasts a slightly coarse, textured surface that exudes a rustic charm. This texture not only adds to its visual appeal but also enhances its insulating properties, making it an ideal choice for cold weather attire. The fabric feels substantial yet comfortable against the skin, ensuring both warmth and comfort.

Warmth and Insulation: One of the standout features of Winter Goli Khaddar is its exceptional insulation capabilities. It traps heat effectively, making it an excellent choice for crafting winter essentials such as shawls, scarves, sweaters, and coats. Its ability to regulate body temperature ensures that you stay cozy without feeling overheated.

Versatility in Fashion: Winter Goli Khaddar is incredibly versatile, lending itself to a wide range of fashion choices. It can be tailored into traditional garments like shalwar kameez or sarees, as well as modern styles such as jackets, trousers, and dresses. Its neutral color palette and classic appeal make it easy to incorporate into various fashion ensembles.

Durability and Longevity: This fabric is renowned for its durability and longevity. It can withstand the rigors of winter wear and maintain its quality over time. With proper care, clothing made from Winter Goli Khaddar can last for many seasons, making it a sustainable and eco-friendly choice.

Winter Goli Khaddar in Fashion: Winter Goli Khaddar has found its place on runways and in the collections of renowned fashion designers who appreciate its timeless charm and versatility. It seamlessly combines tradition with contemporary fashion trends, making it a favorite among those who appreciate both heritage and style.

Winter Goli Khaddar is the embodiment of winter elegance, offering not only warmth but also a touch of sophistication to your wardrobe. Its natural fibers, cozy texture, and adaptability make it an excellent choice for those looking to stay fashionable and comfortable during the cold season. Whether you opt for traditional or modern clothing, Winter Goli Khaddar is sure to add a touch of warmth and style to your winter attire.

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[WINTER GOLI] K-501 White

7M-Standard / 35 inches
7M-Standard / 35 inches
PKR 2,590.00